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Nema / Enclosure

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BothNEMAandJICare very highly respected trade associations for the electrical manufacturing industry.NEMAandJIC, and all their affiliates, are focused on leadership in the development of standards for users and manufacturers of electrical products. Both associations promote safety in the design, manufacture, and sale of products, and each ensures that all affiliates adhere to laws and regulations regarding the electrical manufacturing industry.

SPEP'sNEMAenclosure or JIC box is designed in accordance withNEMAstandards to safely house, store, and protect electrical equipment. LikeNEMA,we seek to design the safest, highest quality latches, hinges, and other industrial equipment using the safest, most streamlined manufacturing process to cut costs and maintain build quality. Similarly, we respectJIC'smission to also regulate an industry where safety and security matter most. With that in mind,Sierra Pacific Engineering and Productsis the perfect candidate to build theNEMAbox andJICenclosure. In such highly specialized and crucial industries, standards are paramount. Without standards, safety becomes an issue, and customers are unable to get any sort of assurances that their purchases are worthwhile and secure.

SPEPhas always been committed to giving customers the most for their money. When it comes to adhering to safety and manufacturing standards,Sierra Pacific Engineering and Productssets the tone for all other manufacturers, so we're well suited to create enclosures and boxes in accordance with the standards of theNEMA and JICstandards associations.

Anyone looking to install aNEMAbox or JIC enclosure can trust
SPEP; we have worked closely with the respective associations to ensure that our products achieve the standards both associations have laid out. UsingNEMAhardware like aNEMA hingeorNEMA latchhelp to ensure that your enclosure will meet all of the standards.

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